Deviated Septum/ Polyps

Deviated Septum/ Polyps

Nasal Polyps Treatment

Nasal polyps are benign growths that develop within the lining of the nasal passages or sinuses. If large enough, these growths may block the passages and cause breathing difficulties, sinus infections or other complications.

Nasal polyps are most common in adults, especially those who have asthma or allergies. Children with cystic fibrosis are also at a higher risk of developing nasal polyps. They often develop in occurrence with respiratory diseases such as sinusitis and allergic rhinitis or immunodeficiency conditions.

Most patients with nasal polyps frequently experience nasal congestion, as well as runny nose, headache, facial pain, loss of smell or taste and sinus pressure. Some patients may not have any symptoms if the polyp is small.

Treatment for nasal polyps is often provided through medications that can reduce the size of the polyp or even eliminate it. Medication may be in the form of pills, nasal sprays or allergy shots. Surgery may be required to remove the polyp if medication is unsuccessful, and may include a polypectomy or endoscopic sinus surgery to remove it carefully.

A polypectomy is a surgical procedure that completely removes polyps to relieve symptoms and reduce the chance of recurrence. This procedure can sometimes be performed in your doctor’s office under local anesthesia. After removal, a biopsy of the polyp is taken to make sure it was not cancerous.

After a simple polypectomy, patients can return to work and other regular activities right away. You may be given a nasal irrigator and nasal steroids to help keep the area clear and prevent the polyps from quickly returning.


Septoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct defects or deformities of the septum. The nasal septum is the separation between the two nostrils. In adults, it is composed of both cartilage and bone. The nasal septum has three functions: support the nose, regulate air flow and support the mucous membranes of the nose. A number of medical conditions may indicate a need for the procedure including nasal air passage obstruction, a deviated septum, tumors, chronic and uncontrolled nosebleeds or the presence of polyps, as well as others. Additionally, a septoplasty may be performed in conjunction with a rhinoplasty in order to ensure that the reshaping of the nose does not result in a reduction of the amount of breathing space.

Patients who receive septoplasty can usually return home the same day. Once healed, most septoplasty patients notice dramatic improvement in nasal breathing.

In-Office sinus CT scan

Sinus CT imaging is a minimally invasive exam in which images are taken of your sinuses, similar to an x-ray. This exam is helpful in diagnosing sinusitis and many other conditions of the sinuses. During the exam, you will be asked to remain still for one minute, while the CT scanner takes images of your sinuses.

We use in-office CT scans so that you can conveniently have your imaging done right in our office. This high resolution machine provides us with immediate imaging and a faster diagnosis. It also emits less radiation than a traditional CT imager and allows you to sit upright in an unenclosed space.


Somnoplasty of the turbinates is an effective treatment for nasal obstruction that painlessly removes the tissue that causes nasal obstruction with radiofrequency technology. This procedure is used to treat chronic nasal congestion, facial pressure and nasal drainage problems. During the procedure, local anesthetic will be applied to the nose to minimize any discomfort. A special wand is inserted into each turbinate to carefully reduce excess tissue. After the somnoplasty procedure, the turbinate will shrink, relieving nasal obstruction and restoring normal breathing.

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